Whither the Senate: A Conference on the Future of the Senate

manningOn Thursday, Oct. 31, the Manning Foundation will be hosting Whither the Senate, a conference created to discuss the future of the Senate. Attendees include Preston Manning, The Honourable Pierre Poilievre, The Honourable Dan Hays, Dr. Tom Flanagan, Dr. Roger Gibbins, Scott Hennig, Dr. Peter McCormick, Link Byfield, Senator Tom McKinnis (Nova Scotia), and Alberta-elected Senators Betty Unger, Scott Tannas, and myself.

I have the honour of moderating a panel that will be discussing potential Senator-led initiatives to reform the Senate. As you know, I recently developed a 7-point plan to help the Senate improve its relationship with Canadians.

If we are to make any headway on the Senate debate, it will only be through the thoughtful, informed conversations that arise from opportunities like this. I encourage anyone interested to come join me in attending this important event. Students only have to pay $10 to attend.

To register for the event, visit the online registration page

To view the agenda for the event, click here

The Manning Foundation created an infographic illustrating the current imbalances found in the Senate and the need for Senate reform: