My thoughts on Senate Modernization

Posted October 5th, 2016 in blog by Doug Black

I want to highlight the great work of my Senate colleagues on the Modernization Committee for their report: Senate Modernization: Moving Forward Part 1. The recommendations included in the report will allow the Senate to evolve to meet the expectations of Canadians while maintaining its core responsibilities.

One of my first initiatives as an elected-Senator was to release my own 7-point plan for Senate renewal. Upon reviewing the report I’m delighted to see many of the committee’s recommendations mirror my own, including:

  • Broadcasting live video of debate in the Senate Chamber, and
  • Defining the role and purpose of the Senate as to better define “Senate Business”

I look forward to working with my fellow Senators to advance the recommendations in this report. These reforms are the first step towards making the Senate a more accountable and effective institution. While they don’t solve every problem in the Upper Chamber, they most certainly create a foundation upon which Senators can better serve Canadians. An effective chamber of “sober second thought” is in the best interests of Canadian democracy and the steps we take over the coming months can greatly improve transparency, effectiveness, and accountability.

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