The Senate in 2014: My Interview with the Lloydminster Source


It was a big learning curve in my first year, full of ups and downs, and I’m excited about where the Senate is heading in 2014.

During the holiday break, I spoke to the Lloydminster Source about my experience in the Senate so far and gave an update on my 7-Point Plan.

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Excerpts from the interview below.

First Year a Learning Curve for Black

Alberta Senator Doug Black was elected to the Senate earlier this year, and has been learning the ropes in what he calls, “a learning year.”

Black looks back on 2013 knowing that there have been some highs and some lows of the Senate, but hopes that when people look at the Senate they don’t just see the negative.

“In the summer, I put out my seven-point plan for Senate renewal. And I’m happy to say that rising from meetings that senators had at the end of the week last week, we are well ahead on about five or six of those points on the list in getting the Senate reformed, refreshed and modernized,” he said.

Moving into 2014, Black is looking at doing some events in the Lakeland area of the province.

“The Lloyd and the Cold Lake area will be my focus next summer.”

Black said that he is ending the year feeling very positive that he has accomplished what he could under the challenges that took place in the Senate.

“I’m pretty pleased with the contribution I’ve made to the Senate this year,” he said.

“I’ve been elected by Albertans to do a job. So I am very focused on the number one issue for Albertans and that is market access. I say Albertans, but obviously that issue is also a nationwide issue as well. Being able to get our resources to market is key so I am working very hard on that through various channels.”