Canada’s Energy Agenda–Getting it Right in Montreal

Posted May 12th, 2015 in blog by Doug Black


I am excited to be visiting Montreal tomorrow for the next leg of my energy literacy tour with the Economic Club of Canada. Our tour, called Canada’s Energy Agenda–Getting it Right, focuses on helping Canadians understand how we can work toward ensuring market access for Canada’s energy resources. These are issues crucial to Alberta and Canada’s prosperity. Below, I talk about why we’re taking this tour, what I’ve learned, and what the next steps are.

Media Roundup: My Energy Literacy Tour Across Canada

Posted March 24th, 2015 in Interview by Doug Black

I’ve been touring around the country with the Economic Club of Canada in an effort to encourage energy literacy in our country. During the tour, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few media outlets about the challenges we are facing and how I think we can stimulate action in our energy sector. We have great opportunity to develop progressive energy projects in Canada, but we are at a stalemate. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, we must engage in a positive dialogue with environmental groups and First Nations. You can hear my thoughts at the links below.

My chat with Ryan Jespersen of 630 CHED:


My interview on The Early Edition about my efforts to change the conversation around the energy sector:


My interview on CBC Eyeopener about restarting our energy conversation:


My article in the Financial Post about creating a template for new energy projects:


My interview on Edmonton AM—future-of-energy-in-canada/


Moving Energy Safely: A Report by the Senate Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources

Posted August 24th, 2013 in blog, Report by Doug Black

I commend the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources for their timely report, Moving Energy Safely: A Study of the Safe Transport of Hydrocarbons by Pipelines, Tankers and Railcars in Canada. Transporting our resources in a safe and efficient manner is of fundamental importance to Canada. This is a fine example of the contributions that Senate committees can make to the public policy discourse in Canada. To read the full report, please click here.

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Senator Black on 660 News Discussing Pipelines

Posted June 20th, 2013 in blog by Doug Black

Senator Black recently spoke to 660 News about “a crucial moment” for Alberta as the province works to bring its energy products to new markets.

“We in Alberta must have market access, east, west, north, and south to get our product to tide water,” he told 660News. “This matters, we can’t have hospitals, schools, roads and bridges unless we have revenue, we need to get it out.”

In regard to TransCanada’s proposed pipeline to New Brunswick, he said, “Everybody along the route has to be on side here, including Québec, but you know it’s going to take leadership first and foremost and Premiers Redford and Alward are showing that.”

To read more about the pipeline proposal and Alberta-New Brunswick cooperation, visit the story on 660 News’ website by clicking here.

To learn more about the economic impact of current oil price differentials for Alberta, you can read a recent report from RBC, which notes that lower prices are being driven by infrastructure limitations.

Statement: BC Government Position on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline

Posted June 2nd, 2013 in blog, Statement by Doug Black

Although access to Asia-Pacific markets is urgent for Canadians to capture the full value of our resources, I respect that the BC Government believes this position is in the interests of BC citizens. I strongly believe that as a country we can come together to properly address environmental concerns regarding natural resource development. This is our energy and Canada’s opportunity; let’s work together to get to yes.

Click here to read BC’s submission to the Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.