Rapid innovation in the oilsands: a worthy challenge

Posted November 14th, 2013 in blog by Doug Black

lightbulb-oilsands-innovation-stevenc-designSome food for thought from Matt McCulloch, who until recently was director of consulting services at the Pembina Institute and is now working with the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA). In a blog post published just before his move to COSIA, McCulloch writes:

“Are we as Albertans ready to take up this challenge? Can we develop a world-leading innovation system that improves environmental performance in the energy sector? I know that we are and I know that we can.”

Improving Confidence in the Extractive Sector

Posted June 19th, 2013 in blog by Doug Black

Natural resources are vital to our economy. To ensure their sustainable extraction, it is important that we have proper safeguards and standards in place. I fully support Prime Minister Harper’s June 12th announcement of the Government’s plan to introduce new mandatory reporting standards for Canadian extractive companies. This welcome initiative will improve transparency; ensure Canada’s alignment with international standards; ensure a level playing field for companies operating both abroad and domestically; reinforce the integrity of our extractive companies; and keep Canadians informed about the processes and issues surrounding resource extraction.

The Government will be developing these standards collaboratively with its provincial and territorial counterparts, Aboriginal groups, the extractive sector, and others to ensure the establishment of an effective regime.

Responsible resource development has to be a priority for Canada. The sector accounts for 15% of our GDP and 50% of our exports nationally. We can also do more to assist other countries around the world in the development of their governance regimes for the oil, gas and mining sectors. Prime Minister Harper also recently announced exciting partnerships with Tanzania and Peru to do just that.

I hope that all of these initiatives will continue to instill confidence in Canadians about how we develop our resources, so that all Canadians can be proud of our natural resources and the positive impacts they have on our economy and prosperity.

Statement: BC Government Position on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline

Posted June 2nd, 2013 in blog, Statement by Doug Black

Although access to Asia-Pacific markets is urgent for Canadians to capture the full value of our resources, I respect that the BC Government believes this position is in the interests of BC citizens. I strongly believe that as a country we can come together to properly address environmental concerns regarding natural resource development. This is our energy and Canada’s opportunity; let’s work together to get to yes.

Click here to read BC’s submission to the Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project.

Senator Black on Connecting Canadian Energy to the World

Posted April 18th, 2013 in blog, Press Release, Statement by Doug Black

Today, Alberta elected senator Doug Black delivered his first statement to the Senate Chamber on the pressing need for informed thinking on Canada’s energy challenges. Specifically, he called attention to one of the most critical issues currently facing the future of Canada’s energy sector: the lack of sufficient access for Canadian oil and gas to world markets. Senator Black noted that, although, “some Canadians assume that solving Canada’s market access problem will only benefit energy-producing provinces,” this is simply not the case.

In his address, Senator Black discussed:

  • The undeniable importance of the energy sector in Canada – $112 billion in energy exports in 2011;
  • Job creation, research and development opportunities, and revenue to governments across Canada that result from energy development;
  • The projected $50 billion that Canada will lose over the next three years due to constrained market access; and
  • The prospect of less government funds for schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, and the arts across the country.

Senator Black emphasized in his statement that this challenge, “demands our full attention to resolve as quickly as possible.” He called for an ongoing dialogue in Canada that is needed to, “ensure governments and energy producers have the social license needed to undertake critical infrastructure projects.”

Senator Black has been a long-time proponent for responsible energy development and an advocate for diversifying Canada’s energy markets. He was founding president of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada, a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the development of a Canadian energy framework. Senator Black currently serves as the organization’s volunteer chair.