Update on Alberta’s Flood Recovery Efforts

Posted October 31st, 2013 in blog by Doug Black

Calgary_FloodToday I had the honour of delivering a statement in the Senate about the tremendous recovery efforts going on to repair the damage from the Alberta floods. The floods, which displaced tens of thousands of people across southern Alberta, are estimated to have caused over six billion dollars in damage.

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2013 Alberta Floods Infographic. Incredible.

Posted August 20th, 2013 in blog by Doug Black


The Government of Alberta has released an excellent infographic that helps to visualize some of the stunning statistics from the recent floods.

Of interest to Albertans and all Canadians to better understand the scale of the disaster.

For example, typical June rainfall in Highwood River Basin is 100-150mm, while June 19th saw 125-190mm in just 12 hours!

Leaders Shine: Senator Black’s Letter to the Editor on Flood Response

Posted June 27th, 2013 in blog, Letter by Doug Black
Redford, Harper, and Nenshi

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“The devastating floods have been met with unprecedented responses from Albertans, both northern and southern, as well as from citizens across Canada. This response has renewed our sense of community spirit and confidence in our ability to unite for the greater good. This is not our first encounter with disaster, nor will it be our last. Albertans continue to showcase the resilient and pioneering Prairie spirit that will help us to move on.

Last Friday, I paid tribute in the Senate to the emergency services personnel who were working around the clock to keep Albertans safe. Their work, and the tens of thousands of Albertans offering assistance to neighbours in need, reminds me how privileged I am to serve our province.

It has also been heartening to witness the political response to this disaster. Premier Alison Redford, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and mayors across southern Alberta are demonstrating the kind of leadership Albertans deserve and expect. Their honesty and accessibility, together with strong commitments of future assistance, have given comfort to flood victims and to all Albertans.

Let us hope that our politicians will do us proud and maintain their inspired and praiseworthy efforts to date.

Doug Black, Ottawa

Doug Black is an Alberta senator from Calgary”

Printed June 27, 2013 in the Calgary Herald.

Senator Black Delivers Statement in the Senate on Flooding in Southern Alberta

Posted June 21st, 2013 in blog, Statement by Doug Black

OTTAWA, June 21, 2013 – This morning, Senator Black delivered a statement in the Senate of Canada on flooding in Alberta, in which he thanked emergency services personnel, the Canadian Armed forces, and average Albertans for their efforts to help their neighbours in need.


  • As I watched the news yesterday and spoke to family and friends back home,  I was particularly struck by the response of individual Albertans; the incredible outpouring of support from family, friends and neighbours for those affected by the floods.
  • Albertans were knocking on doors, calling on the phone, and writing on twitter to open their homes to those in need of a bed to sleep in last night.
  • Countless volunteers were and are lined up, wanting to find some way, anyway, to lend a hand.
  • Albertans are always at their best when things are at their worst.

For the full text of Senator Black’s statement (check against delivery), please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Berry, Advisor

Senator Black’s Office

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