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Senator Black Seeks Confirmation that the NEB will stay in Calgary

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Senator Black Seeks Confirmation that the NEB will stay in Calgary

Ottawa, April 12, 2017 – Senator Doug Black seeks confirmation that the National Energy Board will not be relocated from its present home in Calgary, Alberta. After rumors began circling that the Federal Government might consider relocating the board to Ottawa, Senator Black asked the Government representative for assurance that this recommendation would be rejected outright.


“Albertans are proud that Calgary is the home of the NEB. Moving the NEB is unsettling in the minds of many in Canada’s energy industry. The government must ensure its headquarters stay put.”

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Patrick Cousineau

Office of the Honourable Doug Black


Transcript (April 12, 2017):

Hon. Douglas Black:  Mr. Leader, the energy industry is proud of the work that the National Energy Board has done for decades, playing a pivotal role in regulating the Canadian energy industry.  Albertans, of course, are proud the fact that the NEB’s home is Calgary.

But with any organization, including the Senate, modernization for improvement is important.  The Government of Canada has set a panel, as we know, to review and report on how to improve the NEB.

I have heard unsettling reports that the panel may recommend, quite incredibly, relocating the NEB from Calgary to Ottawa.

Leader, would you please confirm that, should the panel make such an ill‑advised recommendation, the Government of Canada will dismiss this recommendation quickly and out of hand?

Hon. Peter Harder (Government Representative in the Senate):  I enquired of the ministry and I’m informed that the advisory report to which you refer is expected to arrive on May 15 to the minister’s office.  To my knowledge, the issue of location is not part of the mandate but I will obviously enquire further.

With respect to how the government might respond to such a recommendation, if it were part the mandate, I take your position, and the views of senators as expressed in response to your question, as one I will make representations on.