Senate to broadcast chamber audio online

S040305E-018F_MED9I’m happy to share that, beginning next week, the audio of the Senate’s proceedings will be made publicly available on the Senate website. This is an important move towards greater transparency and a step in the right direction.

In my 7-Point Plan to improve the Senate, I called for webcasting live video of debate in the Senate Chamber, as is done in Australia, the United States, the UK and countless other upper chambers around the world. I continue to support that proposal and look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to make it a reality. Senate proceedings are open to the public here in Ottawa. I want to ensure that we offer the same experience to the people of Alberta as that enjoyed by those sitting in the Senate’s public gallery.

For more information on the Senate’s plan to make audio of the Senate’s proceedings publicly available, please see the news release below.




The Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration

Senate to Make Audio Proceedings of Chamber Publicly Available

Ottawa (November 21, 2013) – Beginning November 26, 2013, audio proceedings in the Senate Chamber will be made publicly available, announced today the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration.

Senator Gerald Comeau said “I am very pleased to announce that, in the interest of openness and transparency which I think are important attributes for a public institution, my colleagues and I have authorized the Clerk to make the audio broadcast of Senate proceedings publicly available. This is long overdue.”

Audio proceedings in the Senate Chamber will be publicly available via ParlVU , the Senate’s webcasting service that allows users to access live and archived streams of Senate committee proceedings and now, Senate Chamber proceedings.

“The message from Canadians has been loud and clear. They want access to the debates in the Senate. Listening to the audio webcast of the Senate proceedings is just another avenue for Canadians to follow the work of the Senate and its senators,” said Senator George Furey, deputy chair of the committee.

Canadians can also follow the work of the Senate and its senators online , in person in the public galleries, on CPAC and on Twitter by using the hashtag #SenCA.

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