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News | Senator Doug Black


Holiday Thoughts (2020)

As 2020 wraps up, I wanted to have the opportunity to share a few thoughts with you. Can we all agree that 2020 was not the year that we had expected? It’s been very difficult on Albertans, but we have made it through. I did a virtual tour of Alberta where I talked to hundreds of Albertans, and throughout this year I have had an opportunity to interact with thousands of Albertans. What I’ve seen everywhere is resiliency and compassion. As we enter this season, find a li…
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Response to Letter Campaign on Supporting Canada's Energy Industry

Over 2,000 Albertans have emailed myself and my fellow Alberta Senators this month asking us to stand up for Alberta's energy industry. Read my response below.    Dear Constituent,  Thank you for contacting my office on this important issue.  As an elected Senator from Alberta, I am proud to be a fierce and longstanding advocate for Albertan interests – including for our energy sector. Over the last few years, I led the charge against the two bills which directly attacked the i…
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