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Why would the Government sit on its hands and not defend our strategic Canadian asset?

News Release

Many Canadians are questioning why the Government would not actively oppose the recent leave to appeal applications respecting the Trans Mountain Pipeline, including Elected Alberta Senator Doug Black who, this morning wrote to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, David Lametti seeking answers to this burning question.


Senator Black, on behalf of all Canadians who had their tax dollars invested by the Government into the Trans Mountain Pipeline, seeks the answer to why this government would fail to adequately represent their interest in the recent legal challenges.

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“As an Alberta Senator – my views are not just Alberta centric. The Government spent $4.5 Billion tax dollars to buy the pipeline – not me nor Albertans on their own.”

— Senator Doug Black
“If the Government saw the purchase of Trans Mountain as strategic to the nation, and now we seek the Government’s stewardship to ensure the project is completed.”

— Senator Doug Black