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Senator Doug Black Congratulates organizers of Successful United We Roll for Canada Convoy and Rally on Parliament Hill

Statement by the Honourable Doug Black

Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black issued the following statement on the successful United We Roll Convoy from Alberta and rally on Parliament Hill:

“Over 150 trucks converged on Ottawa and descended on Parliament Hill to express frustration with the Government’s anti-energy policies. Hundreds of Canadians braved the cold and delivered a strong message to the Government which condemns the hardships that these policies will mean for them and their families if Bills C-69 and C-48 are proclaimed into law.

“I wish to congratulate the organizers and truckers who brought their pipeline message to politicians in Ottawa; let’s hope they were heard.

“The convoy has dramatically conveyed the same message I have expressed over the past year, the Canadian energy industry should be supported not undermined. As I have said, C-69 must either be substantially amended or put in the chipper. The Tanker Ban Legislation, C-48 should be defeated. Full stop.”


“Without amendments, these Bills will devastate our nation.”
— Senator Doug Black
“I wish to congratulate the organizers who brought their pipeline message to politicians in Ottawa; the same politicians who are trying to shut down our resource extraction industries."
— Senator Doug Black