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Colleagues, support Alberta and Canadian prosperity and sink the Tank Ban on the final vote.

Statement by the Honourable Doug Black

Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black issued the following statement following the vote to reject the Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications' recommendation not to proceed further with Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act.


"This afternoon, the Senate rejected its Transport Committee’s report urging the defeat of the Tanker Ban bill. After travelling to BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, holding meetings in Ottawa and hearing from concerned Canadians, the Transport Committee recommended that the atrocious Bill C-48, the Tanker Ban not proceed any further.

"The Tanker Ban bill which is discriminatory and prejudicial to Alberta and Saskatchewan, and to entrepreneurial First Nations now proceeds to 3rd Reading in the Senate. I am hopeful that my Senate colleagues will support Alberta and Canadian prosperity and oppose this bill on the final vote."