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Senator Doug Black disappointed by slow and incomplete Federal Government plan on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

Statement by the Honourable Doug Black

Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black issued the following statement on the Government of Canada’s Path Forward on the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project following his September 4 letter to the Prime Minister suggesting a constructive roadmap to resolve the Trans Mountain Pipeline challenges:

“The Government has at last reacted by instructing the National Energy Board (NEB) to take into account the marine shipping and species at risk. This response is an incomplete plan. No specifics on what extra Indigenous-consultation measures must be taken, only saying more details will be coming soon.

“This announcement will not fast forward action to reverse the loss of jobs and the serious negative financial impact on Canadian families.

“I thank the government in accepting one of the points contained in my letter to the Prime Minister and I urge the government to adopt the remaining four.

“Bill S-245, the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act, needs to be adopted as the foundation to this approach. The Bill declares the Trans Mountain Pipeline and its related works to be to the general advantage of Canada; which the Prime Minister has publically agreed with.

“There is no sense of urgency by the Government, and this results in a loss of jobs and opportunities.

“Every day of delay hurts us all.”

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"This response is an incomplete plan." - Senator Doug Black
“Every day of delay hurts us all.” - Senator Doug Black