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Response to Letter Campaign on Supporting Canada's Energy Industry

Over 2,000 Albertans have emailed myself and my fellow Alberta Senators this month asking us to stand up for Alberta's energy industry. Read my response below. 


Dear Constituent, 

Thank you for contacting my office on this important issue. 

As an elected Senator from Alberta, I am proud to be a fierce and longstanding advocate for Albertan interests – including for our energy sector.

Over the last few years, I led the charge against the two bills which directly attacked the industry and the province: Bill C-48 and Bill C-69. 

Bill C-48 banned tanker traffic off of the coast of Northern British Columbia - removing the ability for Alberta to get its product to global markets through that route. 

Bill C-69, otherwise known as the “No More Pipelines Bill”, established a burdensome and uncertain regulatory environment which chased investment out of Canada. In an attempt to fix the bill, I convened a group of stakeholders and shepherded a package of amendments through the Senate that would have made the bill workable. Unfortunately, the amendments were rejected by the House of Commons. 

I also introduced Bill S-245, which passed the Senate and, had it passed the House of Commons, would have declared the Trans Mountain Pipeline project to be in the national interest of Canada. This would have expedited the pipeline’s construction and created thousands of new jobs in the province. These actions are in addition to my interventions in favour of projects such as Energy East and Northern Gateway, which would have greatly benefitted Alberta and all of Canada.

With Vice President Biden’s recent pledge to rip up Keystone XL approvals, I look forward to working with Team Canada over the coming months to ensure VP Biden, his campaign team, and all relevant US officials are aware of the facts of this project and its strategic importance to Canada and the United States.

Throughout this pandemic, I have worked hard to secure much-needed relief measures for Alberta and its key sectors. I have repeatedly raised the issue of liquidity support for our energy sector in the Senate, starting back in March, and I have had numerous conversations with government officials about energy sector relief.

I was also proud to be the first to call for a Canadian Economic Recovery Council to maximize the opportunities and minimize the threats of a post-COVID world.

In a post-COVID world, Canada should be energy independent. We are among the most responsible and reliable producers of energy in the world. Canada needs more Canadian energy, not less.

I will continue to stand up for the hardworking women and men in our energy sector, and advocate strongly on behalf of Albertan interests.

Thanks, stay safe, and best wishes. 


Senator Doug Black, Q.C.