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Government Must Pause to Get It Right with Bill C-69

News Release

Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black delivered his 2nd reading remarks on Bill C-69 the Impact Assessment Act in the Senate. This Bill is designed to completely restructure the natural resource regulatory regime in Canada, including forestry, mining, renewables, fishing, nuclear, pipelines and offshore oil and gas development.

Senator Black expressed his concerns with the proposed legislation as it will make future projects impossible to realize.

In his remarks, Senator Black pointed out that the government has ignored their own panel reports in their drafting of Bill C-69, such as the National Energy Board (NEB) Modernization Panel and the Resources of the Future Table.

Senator Black urged that the Senate must undertake comprehensive and exhaustive consultations when this bill is studied by a Senatorial committee.

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“We must pause and get this right.” - Senator Doug Black
“The government has missed the mark with Bill C-69. They have designed a regime that actively discourages the development of projects. They have failed to find any balance between our agreed need for responsible resource development and our demand to respect the natural environment and our consultation obligations." - Senator Doug Black
“What we have is a situation where absolutely no consideration is being given to Canadian prosperity, competitiveness, assessing world markets, protecting jobs, creating vibrant communities or maximizing the economic benefits to Canadians of our resource blessings. The legislation is silent.” - Senator Doug Black