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Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black Invites Quebec Premier to Visit Alberta

News Release

Alberta Elected Senator Doug Black sent a letter to the Premier of Quebec, the Honourable François Legault, inviting him to visit Alberta as an opportunity to deepen his understanding of responsible energy developments and its contribution to Canada.

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Dear Premier Legault;

Your comments last week along with what you said about Alberta’s energy products, particularly the quality of oil produced, has caught my interest. In addition, a recent announcement that for 2019 your province can look forward to increased equalization payments bringing Quebec’s entitlement to $13.1 billion (largely funded by Albertans and energy interests) has caught the attention of many people in Canada.

I thought this might be the ideal time to offer the opportunity to deepen your understanding of responsible energy development and its contribution to Canada. Thus I write to you as the elected Senator from Alberta to invite you to visit Alberta to get a deeper understanding of Canada’s energy industry it’s strong environmental record and it’s meaningful first nations partnerships.

I’m available at your convenience but I would suggest that sooner is better than later.

I look forward to welcoming you to my province.


The Honourable Doug Black, Q.C.