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Coming to Ottawa to tell us of your problems… is a punchline!

News Release

Today, Senator Doug Black stood up for Albertans regarding Bill C-48 The Oil Tanker Moratorium Act. At this morning’s Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications committee hearing, Senator Black was passionate and stressed to his colleagues that the Senate must hear from and visit the very regions that are being hurt. For many Albertans “The concept of coming to Ottawa to tell us their problems; is a punchline”. “Bill C-48 intends to further restrict Canada’s energy industry causing greater pain to Alberta and the state of the overall economy”.

Not only will Alberta feel the impact of this Bill in a very direct way, but so will all Canadians, Senator Black stated. He went on to say, “This bill can only further damage the energy sectors in British Colombia, Alberta and Saskatchewan”. “Senators, when you leave here today, you will see the pain Albertans live with every day represented in the ‘United We Roll’ convoy”.

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“The concept of expecting people who are hurting, who have lost their jobs to come Ottawa to tell us how they feel is incomprehensible.”

— Senator Doug Black
“The concept that we would sit here and expect people who are hurting, people who are going to lose their livelihoods, where communities are going to be decimated; and expect them to come here and give testimony is simply wrong."

— Senator Doug Black
“Bill C-48 is not just an oil tanker moratorium, but a pipeline moratorium.”

— Senator Doug Black