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Financial System Hub launched by Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada has launched a digital platform dedicated to financial stability issues.

Available on the Bank’s website, the Financial System Hub, will include regular publication of analysis and research, as well as shorter posts, visuals and multi-media content.

In addition to a digital edition of the June 2018 Financial System Review and posts that explain key financial system concepts in simple terms, you will also find new items including:

  • the Autumn results of the Bank’s Financial System Survey, which summarizes the views of market participants on how the financial system is evolving;
  • the Impact of Recent Policy Changes on the Canadian Mortgage Market, which assesses how households are adapting to new mortgage finance guidelines and other changes in the housing market;
  • the Financial System Resilience and House Price Corrections, which models the possible impact of a hypothetical house price correction in the Toronto and Vancouver areas; and
  • the new Financial System Research Centre, which showcases the Bank’s deeper research into financial system topics and encourages partnerships with external researchers.

New content will be posted regularly, so I encourage you to subscribe to the Bank's email alerts for instant updates.

I hope you will find the new Hub content interesting and valuable.

"Explaining key financial system concepts in simple terms is an important step to the Financial Literacy of all Canadians. I applaud the Bank of Canada for yet another example of their leadership in this area."
- Senator Doug Black
The Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

The Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario