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Senator Black Tables Bill Declaring Trans Mountain is in the National Interest

News Release Senator Doug Black introduced Bill S-245 the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project Act. This important bill recognizes the Trans Mountain Pipeline Project as in the national interest and critical to the future prosperity of Canada’s economy. BC Conservative Senator Richard Neufeld seconded the bill. “This project has been rigorously reviewed by the National Energy Board (NEB) after an exhaustive hearing process and a thorough review of facts,” noted Senator Bl…
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Remarks by Senator Black during Senate Emergency Debate on Trans Mountain Expansion

Hon. Douglas Black: I’m not going to speak long, but I do want to follow up on my comment of this afternoon. I agree with much of what my colleague Senator Tkachuk has just said, because the agenda of the British Columbia government is clear. They want to create as many obstacles as they possibly can so, as Senator Tkachuk has said, Trans Mountain folds up its tent and goes home. You can only imagine the conversations that must go on between Mr. Anderson, who leads the project…
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Senator Black looks forward to this evening’s Senate Emergency Senate Debate on Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

News Release Senator Doug Black is pleased that the Senate agreed to hold an emergency debate tonight on attempts by the government of British Colombia to stall the development of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Senate Black believes this is an important issue that will affect the livelihoods of many Albertans. He looks forwards to participating in this debate tonight at 8:00 pm in favour of going forward with the construction of the pipeline. “If we allow thes…
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Comments helpful but the PM must take concrete action to reverse BC policies on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Senator Doug Black applauds the Prime Minister’s remarks in Edmonton today. Only hours after Senator Black’s Facebook Live video; Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed the Government of Canada’s support for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline on Edmonton talk radio. The PM’s remarks and Senator Blacks statements on Twitter and Facebook were in response to the reckless policy stunt recently announced by the government of British Columbia concerning the Trans Morgan pipeline. “Games should be…
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Has Ottawa forgotten about Alberta?

A topic which I have been following with growing concern is the continued practice of the Government of Canada picking favorites when it comes to business support and economic policy. Just within the last number of weeks the Government has pledged financial support to Bombardier, Davie Shipyard, and now the Auto parts business Linamar Corporation, all while Alberta business gets no meaningful support. Alberta does not expect bail-outs or industrial grants, but what we do expect…
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Christmas Card Challenge 2017 Winner

Every year, I invite students across Alberta to participate in the Christmas card challenge. The winning submission is featured on cards sent to my friends, colleagues, and fellow senators. This year, I am proud to present the Luke Nonay’s piece as the winning submission. Luke is a third grade student at École Citadelle in Legal, AB, and I would like to thank him for sending in this excellent piece. Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge, and I would like to w…
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National Finance Report: Fair, Simple and Competitive Taxation: The Way Forward for Canada

The Senate Committee on National Finance released its report Fair, Simple and Competitive Taxation: The way forward for Canada on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.  The committee’s report is the product of extensive study and cross-Canada consultations with the people who have the most to lose under the proposed changes. Senators — who began work on this report with the endorsement of the federal finance minister — recommend the government delay implementing any proposed changes fo…
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Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

Senator Doug Black remembers his grandfather, Corporal Malcolm Mackenzie Black, who served in both the first and second world wars, and his father, Flight sergeant John Forrest Black, who served in the Second World War. Filmed at the Canadian War Museum ’s LeBreton Gallery in Ottawa.

Update on Tax Reform Activities

As the Senate adjourns for Thanksgiving, I wanted to update you on what I am doing regarding the proposed changes to Small Business Tax and the hearings that the Senate National Finance Committee have started. Anytime those who create prosperity are attacked, I will respond. If you have any views, comments, or concerns regarding this study, please contact my office. My questions at the National Finance Committee on thi…
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Senator Black is profoundly disappointed with the termination of the Energy East project

Senator Black expressed profound disappointment at the termination by TransCanada of the Energy East Pipeline and Eastern Mainline Projects. “This is a tremendous loss for Albertans and Canadians” said Senator Black. The Government must play an important role to ensure the realization of projects that are clearly in the national interest, and in this case the government simply sat in the back of the room. “While it is important to balance interests, if we don’t…
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