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Samara Canada Everyday Political Citizen

Democracy, communities, families... they can only succeed if we are active, engaged and supportive. - Senator Doug Black I am excited to be one of the Juror for this year's Everyday Political Citizen Contest.  EPC is an annual contest that profiles ordinary people who make Canadian democracy stronger. The Everyday Political Citizen contest celebrates Canada’s advocates, educators, organizers, mobilizers, volunteers and politicos whose work gives life and energ…
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Unfair tax proposal discussion with Danielle Smith

This morning, I sat down with News Talk 770‘s Danielle Smith to discuss the government’s unfair tax proposal targeting personal corporations. Click here to listen to the full interview I believe that these proposal run the risk of hurting the middle class, by clamping down on the very engine of our economy — small business. I have written to the Minister of Finance to request he extends the public consultation period to November 30. I also suggest that the Senate Banking Committ…
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Senator Black Requests Hearings Over Concerns for Canadians on the Government’s Tax Reform

Tax reform has many potential impacts on Canadians. While I fully support tax fairness for all Canadians, any changes to the existing law should be done with proper consultation with Canadians and Canadian businesses.-- Senator Doug Black Senator Doug Black made the following statement today regarding the tax changes proposed within the Tax Planning Using Private Corporations consultation paper issued by the Department of Finance Canada: “Tax reform has many potential im…
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Canadian Chamber of Commerce Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and the provincial and territorial premiers RE: Climate Competitiveness

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently sent an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and the provincial and territorial premiers on the subject of climate competitiveness. I am in full agreement with the Chamber’s point and will continue to draw these fundamental concerns to the government’s attention at all opportunities. I urge you to read the letter from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
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