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2019 Canada Winter Games Torch Relay

Senator Statement in the Senate Chamber

Statement delivered by The Honourable Doug Black in the Senate Chamber on the occasion of the 2019 Canada Winter Games Torch Lighting ceremony held today at the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill. 

Honourable senators, I’ve just arrived in the Senate from participating in the lighting at the Centennial Flame of the torch to kick off the national relay for the Canada winter games to be held in Red Deer, Alberta, commencing on February 15 of next year.

Outside today, it doesn’t feel like a winter day to start thinking about the Canada Games, but I can assure you that in Alberta it does.

This is only the second time that Alberta has been fortunate enough to host these games. Before going on, I want to acknowledge our colleague, Senator Smith, who for 10 years was the chairman of the Canada Games Foundation and, of course, Senator Deacon and Senator Peticlerc who were at the launch today for the contribution they’ve made and continue to make to sport in Canada.

The torch, which has now left Parliament Hill, will move across Canada visiting 50 communities, communities that we all represent. The torch will arrive in Red Deer for the opening ceremonies.

The Red Deer games will welcome 3,000 athletes, managers and coaches, and an estimated 20,000 visitors. The games, as we may know, feature 19 sports, with over 150 events, and with a major arts and cultural festival.

I have two hopes for the games, knowing that Red Deer is ready. We know that Red Deer is a vibrant city in Alberta where a love of sport and active volunteerism thrive. My two hopes for these games are that every athlete from every province and territory who participates achieves their personal best performance, and that many of the athletes who participate in Red Deer will then come to be members of the 2026 Canadian Winter Olympics team, the Olympics that we all hope will be held in Calgary, Alberta.

Good luck to all athletes, and thank you, Red Deer.

We know that Red Deer is a vibrant city in Alberta where a love of sport and active volunteerism thrive.
-- Senator Doug Black