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Debate in the Senate chamber

Senate of CanadaIn the Senate Chamber, my colleagues and I debate and vote on proposed laws. It is also a place where senators can make statements and discuss important policy issues.

The Order Paper and Notice Paper shows what the Senate is considering on any given day, and audio of the debate can be found on ParlVuTranscripts of past debates are also available.

Legislation at a Glance is an excellent resource thatallows Canadians to see the progress of all bills before Parliament and provides links to detailed information on each bill, such as texts, summaries, votes, speeches, government press releases, and media coverage.

My Past Statements in the Chamber:

Bills I have sponsored in the Senate:

  • Bill C-32: To validate marriages of non-resident same-sex couples
  • Bill C-48: To add certainty and fairness to Canada’s tax code through technical amendments and closing loopholes
  • Bill C-21: The Red Tape Reduction Act


Serving on Senate committees

cmittee-roomCommittees are where much of the Senate’s substantive work is done. You can watch their meetings on ParlVu or CPAC, and a schedule is available on the Senate’s website.

Bills are sent to a relevant committee for detailed study before being reported back to the Senate. Committees are able to call witnesses to help them understand the legislation and its potential impact.

Committees can also receive a mandate from the Senate to pursue longer-term studies on issues relevant to their policy area. Successful studies can be translated into government policy, such as when the Mental Health Commission of Canada was created in response to the 2006 report ofthe Senate’s Social Affairs Committee.

I currently serve on two Senate committees:

  1. Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources (#ENEV on Twitter)
  1. Banking, Trade and Commerce (#BANC on Twitter)


Engaging Albertans

As your elected Senator, I am on the job both in Ottawa and Alberta. I enjoy travelling across the province to understand the priorities and concerns of Albertans, which helps me fulfill the core responsibility of my position: to represent your interests in Ottawa. To share your views on legislation or important policy issues, or to send an invitation to an event, please contact my office at or by mail (no postage required):

Senator Doug Black
The Senate of Canada
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A4

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Contributing to parliamentary associations

I am a member of several associations created to develop Canada’s relationship with other countries:

  1. Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group
  2. Canada-China Legislative Association (I serve as Vice-Chair of the association)