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My Priorities


Canada urgently needs a shared vision that describes how our energy production and use will evolve in the future. One of the reasons I ran for the Senate was to advance a national dialogue on our energy future.


A vibrant arts sector promotes a richer, more creative society. It also makes a substantial contribution to our economy and helps to attract and retain talent. As a vocal supporter of the arts, I want to work towards making Canada an arts nation.

Cross-Sector Leadership

What do visionary leaders like Peter Lougheed and Naheed Nenshi have in common? They share the unusual combination of skills, motives and career trajectories that mark a cross-sector leader. To address today’s complex problems, we need leaders who can draw out the unique value of each sector.

I campaigned for the Senate so that I could contribute my voice and experience to building a better Alberta and a better Canada. Urgent challenges lie ahead, and I believe coming together on these three priorities will help us come up with solutions.