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Alberta 2.0 First Steps to a New Alberta

Alberta has a boom-and-bust economy. It rises and falls with global commodity prices. During tough times, we talk about building a more resilient, diverse economy, yet today, as we grapple with a downturn in energy prices, we are in the same position as during every other downturn. We have given lip service to the idea of building a more resilient economy and have made very little progress toward that goal.




On May 13, 2016, Alberta Senator Doug Black and Dr. Joseph Doucet, Dean of the Alberta School of Business hosted a think-tank conference called Alberta 2.0.

Engaged leaders from across Alberta came together to discuss the steps necessary to create an economy of intent rather than an economy of circumstance. The goal was to provide valuable input for Alberta’s leaders and decision-makers as we work toward developing and supporting a more robust and resilient economy.

Download a copy of the Alberta 2.0 First Steps to a New Alberta

Alberta 2.0 Report

Alberta 2.0 Report

A Message to All Alberta 2.0 Participants

Dr. Joseph Doucet and I wanted to report to you on our current thinking respecting Alberta2.0 - First Steps to a New Alberta

We’re of the view that, at least for the time being, that our work is done.

As you remember, because you were a part of creating the document, we were interested in developing a roadmap to develop a more robust and diverse Alberta economy. Our collaboration throughout the province was very effective, and the document that we released has been widely praised. 

Our central recommendations have been adopted by Alberta Innovates under their new CEO, Laura Kilcrease, and we are confident that work is proceeding along the lines that we had envisioned.

We have made clear to Laura that we stand ready at any time to be of any assistance to her and her team in implementing the recommendations, or undertaking other steps that Alberta Innovates believes might be helpful to achieve their goal.

So in the meanwhile, we are going to lay our tools down, but we remain ready to be of assistance.

Again Joe and I want to thank you very much for all you’ve done to date, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate as we move forward to ensure that we continue to build the Alberta economy that we all desire. 


Doug Black                                      Joe Doucet

September 2017