Marking the Retirement of Alberta Elected Senator Bert Brown

Senator Brown is a remarkable man that I have had the privilege of coming to know through Alberta politics, including my campaign during the 2012 Alberta Senate Election.

A committed husband and father, Senator Brown has generously shared his time and his ideas with a remarkable range of communities and causes. He has been deservingly recognized for his contributions, receiving the Alberta Centennial Medal in 2003 and the endorsement of the people of Alberta in the 2004 Senate nominee election.

As only the second democratically-elected Senator in Canada’s history, Senator Brown has worked hard to advance the cause of Senate Reform. He has been a tireless advocate for improving Canada’s democratic governance to more effectively represent the diversity of this vast country. Five years after his appointment to the Senate, it is clear that he has made great progress. Momentum is building and we are seeing legislative proposals to elect senators in a number of provinces.

I have benefited tremendously from Senator Brown’s advice and his wisdom, and I know that his departure will leave big shoes to fill. I hope it is comforting to know that elected senators have followed him to Ottawa, and that more will arrive in the coming months and years to carry the torch of Senate Reform.

Today I want to thank Senator Brown for his decades of service to Albertans, to Canadians, and to the cause of strengthening and deepening Canadian democracy.

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