Manning Foundation Symposium: Whither the Senate? Reform, Abolish or Status Quo?

9013381Today I had the opportunity to participate in a discussion of Senate Reform at the Manning Foundation‘s Symposium on the Senate: Whither the Senate? Reform, Abolish or Status Quo? Alongside my fellow Alberta elected Senator Betty Unger, I spoke on the topic of Senator-led initiatives to improve the Senate.

As Albertans may know, earlier this summer I introduced my 7-Point Action Plan to improve accountability, transparency and public engagement in the Senate. It’s a series of simple and practical steps that would help the chamber regain the public’s trust and prevent future abuses.

Throughout the day, we a heard a variety of promising reform proposals. I am confident, now more than ever, that Canadians want to see more democracy in their Parliament, not less.

Transcript of my opening remarks at the discussion

Recap of the proposals discussed during the symposium (© Manning Foundation)


With Preston Manning, one of Canada’s greatest advocates for Senate Reform

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  1. I agree the Senate should be reformed. Each province and Territory should have one elected Senator for a term of 8 years

  2. please abolish the senate as they are a terrible waste of the taxpayers money.

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