Letter to the Editor: Celebrities distorting truth (Edmonton Journal)

Fort McMurray: Hiroshima?

Fort McMurray: Hiroshima?

Re: “Young pans Keystone, likens Fort McMurray to Hiroshima,” the Journal, Sept. 11.

As a senator representing Alberta, I know the citizens of our province value and respect the environment as much as anyone. We are committed to minimizing the impact of energy development and are making significant progress.

Although we’re proud of our environmental record, there is no question there’s more to be done. There always is. We’ve embraced this challenge with determination and a commitment to innovative thinking and sustainable practice. This is the Alberta way.

It is frustrating and disappointing to hear celebrities make disparaging remarks about our home. These kinds of comments don’t reflect the truth – they only distort.

Those who wish to mislead us should know that Albertans and Canadians aren’t fooled. Energy development creates incredible opportunities to invest in our society – in education, health and infrastructure – and we’ll continue to strive for excellence in protecting our treasured natural environment.

Sen. Doug Black, Ottawa