My Grande Prairie Tour – July 16 and 17

Grande PrairieA hub for agriculture, forestry, and oil and gas, Grande Prairie is integral to Alberta’s flourishing economy. It also features many attractive features for visitors, including a lively arts scene and numerous hiking trails and other recreation opportunities. This week I will be in Grande Prairie to take in the sights of this vibrant community.

This will be my first trip back to Grande Prairie since my campaign for the Senate, and I look forward to reconnecting with constituents and learning more about their priorities and concerns.

Major stops include:

  • Visiting Grande Prairie sawmill, where I’ll hear firsthand about the state of Alberta’s forestry sector
  • Meeting with Mayor Bill Given and hear from the executive of the Grande Prairie Chamber of Commerce
  • Speaking to the Grande Prairie Rotary Club
  • Touring the Centre for Creative Arts and the Centre for Research and Innovation

Stay tuned to social media for updates on my trip.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ll note your mention of “this day in 1870, George-Étienne Cartier’s Manitoba Act creates new bilingual province in the West”.

    You may also know that the act was adopted in response to the Métis’ concerns of the provisional government led by Louis Riel during that year. Is has been said that Riel was an influence on the Manitoba Act as it was based on his list of rights.

    Come and meet with us Metis people in Grande Prairie. Many of us who are descendants of the families of the original Red River area.

    You should know that the City of Grande Prairie has an annual Louis Riel Proclamation day held on November 16th each year. His worship Bill Given recently re-enacted the original flag raising at the Grande Prairie Century Play about a one month ago.

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