Alberta Immigration Statistics from the 2011 Census

Canada West Immigration

This poster was reproduced in the magazine Canada West, circa 1900–1920. National Archives of Canada (C 30623)

An interesting statistic relevant to Alberta came out of the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS): 644,110 Albertans (18.1% of the population) are immigrants.

I think that this figure is worth reflecting on.

We are blessed to live in a province that must be among the most welcoming places for newcomers in the world. In Alberta, many of us come from immigrant backgrounds. As a society we have a strong sense of empathy for those who arrive looking for new opportunities for themselves and their families.

Current labour market projections suggest that Alberta will continue to require an ever growing number of new workers to sustain our economy. These workers are needed everywhere from the trades to our hospitals and seniors care facilities. Let us hope that we will maintain our characteristic openness to newcomers and embrace the diversity, energy, and optimism that they bring to Alberta.