As a best practice, the Senator will donate a portion of his annual salary for the rare occasions when he may be unable to attend the Senate chamber due to outside commitments. The amount will be donated to a charity of the Senator’s choice. The daily formula for calculating the donation will be his annual salary divided by 365 days minus 12 statutory holidays. The Senator believes this best practice is consistent with the goals of transparency and accountability.

This year I will be providing donations to YWCA of Banff and the Bow Valley Women’s Shelter. The Bow Valley Women’s Shelter provides services to women and children fleeing violence who reside in the Bow Valley Corridor. You can learn about their outstanding work at”

To assist with the enforcement of the Senate’s attendance rules, the Clerk of the Senate maintains the Senate Attendance Register. The Register indicates:

  1. the days on which the Senate was sitting and whether the senator was in the Chamber on those days;
  2. when the senator was attending to public business (including committee meetings);
  3. when the senator was ill;
  4. whether the senator attended committee meetings; and,
  5. the balance of the 21 personal leave days allotted per session.

My attendance record is available online.

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